Things have been busy around here. A lot of good things are coming to P&P. Soon we’ll have a player set to go so you fuckers can easily stream songs and download without dealing with all those ads. It will be good for you. You’ll like it. We’ve also got t-shirts coming soon (and in grey). There’s some other good behind-the-scenes type shit being worked on, so P&P is set to come out shredded and ready to do damage. Besides that, I have finals coming up. Sometimes (not often) I’m forced to take my focus off of music and do “other stuff”. It’s lame.

When things get busy, as you may have noticed, I tend to get more into The Reg and ignore The Weird. But The Weird is important to me. If you never step outside your comfort zone and try to understand something that doesn’t come naturally, you risk becoming a boring human. It’s tough to balance things out, because ultimately I want to give you guys what you like, and I know the dude that came here for that new Cam’ron probably isn’t going to listen to more than 10 seconds of Jonsi without feeling an overwhelming compulsion to leave some kind of slanderous remarks, but I can’t help that. P&P is built on the foundation of bringing you music from all ends of the spectrum. That means Cam’ron and Jonsi in the same place.

Icelandic pop duo Sigur Ros create epic songs that are often as free in form as the wind swirling around the crack of a slightly opened door. For me, it’s always been hit or miss. There are a few beautifully crafted songs that have stuck with me, and others that are about as appealing as complete silence. But Sigur Ros’ front man Jonsi recently put out a solo album, Go, and I haven’t heard a negative thing about it. Don’t be scared, “Go Do” isn’t that weird. There’s enough form for you to sink your teeth into, and this track has me thinking that I need to take some time off and get into this album. Hit the jump to see the video for “Go Do”

Jonsi – Go Do | YouSendIt

Jónsi – Go Do from Jónsi on Vimeo.