I just woke up from a much needed nap feeling a little worried – I had a dream about pigeons trapped in my apartment. Two of them, just flying around and trying to get out of the closed windows. I am one of those people that thinks dreams usually have deeper meanings (but not weird predictive powers) or are symbolic of the little thoughts that live in the back of your head. Pretty sure this one means I’ve been blogging too fucking much.

Or maybe those Pigeons are symbolic of me, stuck in this small apartment but eager to break free and fly in the open sky – like being stuck as a blogger but wanting to dominate the music industry. Not that I don’t love blogging – I do. I’d just like to do more. Anyway, I woke up and checked my email and found out that I officially got this internship approved, so I’ll be “working” in the music industry for the first time. Things play out strangely sometimes. I’m happy.

Back to blogging – here’s a new video from The Morning Benders. These guys have been on a steady buzz building mission, mostly built around the success of their phenomenal song “Excuses“, undoubtedly one of the best songs of the year so far. It’s always both exciting and alarming when the first song you hear from a band is so good, because it sets the bar higher than most can reach again. “Promises” is no “Excuses” (sorry, but I’ll be comparing everything they do from now on to that song), but it definitely provides some strong evidence that The Morning Benders are more than a one (kind of) hit wonder. Check it out.