Marky put out the video for this a few days ago, and now we’ve got the mp3. If you’re not familiar with Marky, get familiar. He’s the kind of guy that is just being himself (while making great music), and it comes across. We’ve got enough salesmen trotting around trying to fit into a role so they can package themselves nicely. It’s ugly. It’s always refreshing to hear an up and coming emcee like Marky who is able to be real.

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Marky – Louis Squares” dl=”″]

First and foremost – Thanks for the overwhelming love and support of the “Louis Squares” video! The MP3 itself sort-of built it’s own demand, so I guess it’s only right to give it out NOW! 2 days before the release of “Journey to Markyland, USA: Rest Stop 2”.

My homie, DJ Dyber, blessed me with this track a cpl months back. I remember I was on a trip to NYC with my 2 guys JB & Diego and I was fishing thru beats on my ipod when I came across it. They were like, “YO! who did this!? and who’s that on the HOOK!!??” The Nas sample is one thing, but actually redirecting the song into an entirely different realm is a helluva task in itself! With any song, I feel as if any unique artists’ story can be told giving it a different sound, vibe, and “likable-ness” from its listener, YOU. This is something easy to listen to and I promise won’t take up much of your thought lol. You won’t need your dictionary for this! haha Enjoy life while you can. Thanks for supporting me even though you may not know me.