This is the first I’ve ever heard from Matt Duncan. I checked it out randomly and it turned out to be one of the few good decisions I’ve made this weekend (Along with Tweeting “615 Rawr” at 6:15 last night/this morning. wtf?). I was already won over by the smooth vocals, tasteful snapping and simple bass stabs, and then at 1:15 that guitar came in and took shit to another level like the person who introduced the obvious combination of energy drinks and alcohol. From IGIF:

Duncan just released an EP titled Beacon and it’s quite good, delivering soulful songs in a vein similar to Aloe Blacc with a lighthearted pop sound that makes me think of Dent May. I’m told Duncan’s live performances are his best asset and that the recordings don’t do him justice, yet songs like “Good Times” sound excellent. It’s hard not to be impressed by a fine set of deep, velvet vocal chords like the set Duncan possesses. His debut EP has a bluesy feel to it complete with brass overtures and even pop influences from Queen. Beacon released on local label Hop Hop and can be downloaded for only $4!

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