I’m back….almost. The last two days have been the most stress filled days I’ve had in years. Months of procrastination carried out its revenge, copious amounts of substances ending with “-ine” flowed recklessly through my bloodstream 24 hours a day, and my left eye twitch made it’s return (it happens when I get overly stressed/tired). I probably took a few years off my life expectancy, but I did what I needed to do, and at this point I’m just happy to be through it. In case you didn’t know, I’m a grad student getting my MBA and this was finals week. I still have two more finals, but the worst is over.

As an apology for not being around to post as much for the past couple of days (honestly, I don’t think we missed much at P&P. Ramz posted the important stuff and there was a lot of lame shit that came out in my absence), I wanted to offer you this as an apology. It’s some songs I’ve been liking lately. Check it out. After I finish I’m gonna go sleep all day. I can’t wait. Click read more to read more, fuckhead.

First up, I gotta put the spotlight on some Theophilus songs from the I Want You mixtape that recently dropped. One of the contenders for best mixtape of the year so far, and eclectic enough to stay interesting after heavy rotation.

Theophilus London – Sorry To Interrupt | YouSendIt

Theophilus London – A Stranger’s Heart | YouSendIt

Another surprisingly good mixtape was Pac Div’s Don’t Mention It. Not surprising because Pac Div doesn’t bring consistently good music, just because I had no idea it was coming out. Imagine Cool Kids x Wiz Khalifa x West Coast. Yeahh, sounds good right?

Pac Div – Broccoli

@JennsDrunk (Where’d you go?) introduced this one to me, and like she said, it just exudes summer. Driven by a fatty bass line, it’ll go great with some new shades and a lazy, sun drenched afternoon.

Foster The People – Pumped Up Kicks

Word of new Atmosphere on the way got me digging back into some old ass Atmosphere. No, not old like Lucy Ford. I’m talking 1997 old, Overcast. This was the first Atmosphere song I ever heard, and I had never heard anything like it. So raw, you can hear every breath Sluggo takes into his tar coated lungs, and Ant provides that simple but classic Atmosphere sound.

Atmosphere – Scapegoat

Although Wufgunner’s in the Shoutbox talking his/her shit about how finals week is the time when new music is needed the most, I always go back to old reliables for my background music while working. Andrew Bird & The Mysterious Production of Eggs is still my favorite album of his. The melodies are incredible, the whistling is even more incredible. I think each of the songs on that album has held the title of “favorite Andrew Bird song” for some period of time, but this was the first and still remains one of my faves. Breaking choruses, violin solos, and massive melodies.

Andrew Bird – Banking On A Myth

2 full drum kits and dual vocals in a DC punk band makes for some wild shit. I was introduced to Black Eyes by an illegal immigrant punk from Ecuador years ago. Still never met anyone else who is into them, but their self titled album is like joining a pack of hyenas for a half hour, and I would absolutely love to join a pack of hyenas. Their later shit got more into noise rock, which I never understood.

Black Eyes – Deformative