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There’s nothing in this world like girls in bands. Guys and lesbians, you know what I mean. There could be a thousand identical, average looking females (kilotuplets?) in a room and if one of them stepped onto a stage with a microphone in her hand, she wins. Suddenly she is the most beautiful thing in the world and you need her. All the others fall into lists in the back of your head labeled “Average”, “Backup plan”, or “Who?”

R&B girls are sexy. Rapper chicks are bad. Pop stars are hot. Obviously, I’m going to have to do a few of these posts, but there’s something about the indie girls. You can call them sexy, bad, or hot, but really you’re thinking “beautiful”. You’re probably just playing it cool. I understand. It’s the right thing to do when you’re speaking of a girl who rocks out on stage, drenched in sweat, using her power to move crowds like Moses parted that sea (too far?).

Below I’ve put together a definitive list of beautiful indie rock girls. (Please don’t comment on who I missed. Either they’re not famous enough, they’re not hot enough, or I forgot them.) Pictures included. Vote for your favorite. If you’re really dedicated, open the page in six different browsers so you can vote six times, you fucking creep. Winner gets the official prize of being titled “Pigeons and Planes’ Readers’ Choice: Most Beautiful Indie Rock Girl”, a free P&P t-shirt (if they give me their address), and an invitation to my apartment for some wine and heavy staring. In the case of a tie, I have no specific plans, but I can think of plenty excellent ways to sort things out.

Big thanks to The Music Ninja for setting up the poll on this post. I spent way too long trying to figure out how to do that before giving up.

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Lyyke Li (In Action)

With the recent takeover of indie music by the Swedes, we all know that Sweden produces great music. But did we know that they also produce beautiful women? Yes, I guess we did. Lykke Li is the perfect balance of pop appeal and mysterious weirdness, and if you’ve ever seen her on stage, you know that her dance moves are strangely awesome. Plus, she likes A Tribe Called Quest. Bonus points.

Karen O. (In Action)

If you saw Karen O (lead singer of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs) on the street, you might think “Uhh” or “Eughh”.  When you see her in concert strutting her stuff and absolutely dominating the stage she walks on, you’ll see her in a different light. She exudes power, control, and the confidence of a true rockstar. I’m still not sure if this translates into beauty, but when I asked around on Twitter, people felt strongly that I should include her.

Jenny Lewis (In Action)

Lead singer of Rilo Kiley and a critically acclaimed solo artist, Jenny Lewis has a sweet, innocent look to her, but with her seductive voice and songs like “Acid Tongue”, she’s not fooling anyone.

Alice Glass (In Action)

Alice Glass is 1/2 of the noisy electronic duo Crystal Castles, and she’s clearly a badass. Screaming, stage diving, and ripped stockings are standard procedure for her. I don’t usually like to jump to conclusions, but I can’t help but think she’s into some weird shit, and that’s okay with me.

Cat Power (In Action)

Better known by her stage name Cat Power, Chan Marshall is an American singer/songwriter with a “I didn’t put much effort into myself this morning, but I’m still fucking sexy” look that only improves with an acoustic guitar resting on her legs.

Natasha Khan (In Action)

She goes by the stage name Bat For Lashes, and her style is somewhere between the 80’s fitness craze and Native American. Sounds weird, and…it is, but she pulls it off and because of it, or despite it, she is a fine indie rock specimen with a unique look.

Marina (In Action)

Marina Lambrini Diamandis, better known as Marina and the Diamonds, is a Welsh pop singer of Greek descent. She’s got a quirky, stong voice that shines on playful pop songs. That’s what got her to be one of the most buzzed about acts on the indie blogs in the past year. She also has dark hair, some appealing curves, and doe eyes. That’s what got her on this list.

Zooey Deschanel (In Action)

You knew this one was coming. She’s so indie that she’s not only in an indie band (She & Him), and married to indie guy (Ben from Death Cab), but she’s also the chick that plays the hot indie girl in movies. You can’t really get much more indie than that, unless Natalie Portman joined a band or Alice Glass started acting. Do I even have to say anything about the eyes? Didn’t think so.

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