Happy birthday to 2Pac. He would have been is 39 today. Before I was into 2Pac I was a fan of hip-hop like A Tribe Called Quest and Gang Starr. It was smooth, jazzy, and cool. When I listened to Pac for the first time (thanks to my big sister), it was an audible adrenaline rush. Tupac poured his heart into his recordings, and whether he was speaking about respecting women or killing motherfuckers, he was doing it with a passion that most people can’t express through sound.

He’ll probably always be remembered for his life of contradictions, but I believe that when someone dies young you should give them the benefit of the doubt, because they never had the chance to prove themselves. It’s sad that Pac isn’t still around, because I think he had a lot more of his good side to offer. Hit the jump to stream some of my favorite 2Pac songs.

“U Can’t C Me”

“Hail Mary”

“Heartz Of Men”

“Troublesome ’96”

“Me Against The World”

“I Ain’t Mad At Cha”

“Unconditional Love”

“Hit Em Up”