When dj.ck heard MGMT’s “Someone’s Missing” he knew exactly who it was that MGMT was most certainly referring to. Lil Wayne, clearly. The title works in a couple of ways. First of all, it’s almost blatant when you listen to this song that Lil Wayne is mysteriously not featured. I mean, why wouldn’t he be? It’s like making scrambled eggs and not smothering them in hot sauce. Senseless.

Secondly, the title refers the the other obvious fact that Weezy is missing from the free world (he’s set to be released from jail on November 4th). Life without Wayne has been hard. Ever since his incarceration, I’ve been doing a lot of pacing, and I’ve been struggling to hold onto the will to wake up each morning. What’s the point?

Whoever created these “laws” and forgot to put in a clause that excludes famous rappers fucked up big time. Why should a dude who covers mags, makes hits, and does business on the reg be held to our peasant-like standards? Might just be a case of old, dated rules that were made during the Wild West, when there were no rappers to be spoken of. Surely, Supreme Court judges are looking into this blunder.

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MGMT x Lil Wayne – “Someone’s Missing” (dj.ck Remix)

MGMT vs. Lil’ Wayne – Someone’s Missing by pigeonsandplanes