You didn’t think I’d forget Gucci did you? Burr! Burr! Burrrr! My history with Gucci goes like this: At first, I wasn’t feeling it at all. Somewhere along the line, I started liking it, but kind of as a joke/ironic fan kind of way. Now I’m a fucking Gucci Mane fan. Lately, when I’m drunk there’s no chance that I’ll make it through a whole night without yelling “Burr!” It’s just too good. Gucci is the next John Lennon. Hold off on the negativity. I don’t wanna hear it. Download “Mr. Zone 6” below. His mixtape of the same title is coming out on Saturday. Perfect for my wine tasting plans. Gucci!

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Gucci Mane – Mr. Zone 6″ dl=”″]


Today also brought us new Young Jeezy. (Last time I heard, he changed his name to just Jeezy. I understand this. As one gets older, one may come up with a more mature rap moniker. But no fucking way can you add it back on after you dropped it. Can you? If so, I’d like to go by Lil’ Confuzion from now on.) Anyway, here’s the new Young Jeezy track, the first single from Thug Motivation 103, called “All White Everything”, and labeled as a “summer anthem”. Not so sure about that. What do you think?

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Young Jeezy – All White Everything” dl=”″]