Iceland is the new Sweden? Seems like everyone in Iceland is coming out with beautiful folk/modern classical/pop music blends that are as breathtaking as the country itself. Lately, the output of Icelandic musicians is so plentiful that it seems like everyone and their cousin is doing it. Yeah. Remember Ólafur Arnalds? Well, this is his cousin Ólöf Arnalds. Her style is less of the epic modern classical and more of the epic modern folk, but it’s just as stunning. This family must have fed their children passion and ability. (Edited: Stream Only)

Beautiful, beguiling and poised to win a huge British following in the coming months, the first of Ólöf Arnalds hotly anticipated new material is aired with the release of new single Innundir Skinni, released through One Little Indian on the 28th June 2010.

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