Passion Pit is the kind of music that can make a listener hyper. Lead singer Michael Angelakos has this high pitched voice that always sounds like it’s about to break under excitement, like when you think of something really good to say (happens to me like once a decade), and you’re really happy to be saying it; so happy that you forget to play it cool and speak like a normal human being and instead you yelp out your comment like some kind of rabid animal and immediately realize that you overdid it. Passion Pit’s music sounds like they are constantly in this mode. It makes for a fun listening experience, but for a Smashing Pumpkins cover?

I didn’t see this working with the bittersweet “Tonight, Tonight”. How could Passion Pit’s signature electronic, synth-filled danceable sound construct itself around the Pumpkins’ hit? Somehow, Passion Pit maintains their unique style but travels half way to meet the Essing Pees somewhere in the middle, which is a strangely satisfying and comfortable place. Good work, Passion Pit. This is from Levi’s Pioneer Sessions, a project that gets musicians to cover music that was influential to them. Thanks to Spin.

Passion Pit – Tonight, Tonight (Smashing Pumpkins Cover)

Passion Pit – Tonight Tonight (Smashing Pumpkins Cover) by pigeonsandplanes