30 minutes ago, I was enraged. Trains were backed up at Penn Station, and after walking a half hour from being at work all day I had to stand on a hot, humid train with some fuckbag sporting an odd smell standing one inch in front of me. I looked to my left and saw a girl texting: “This train is testing me. Now I know why people go postal and shoot up public places.” I’m already an anxious person, so this type of environment is not conducive to my survival. If I didn’t have headphones in, you might be seeing me on the news right now under the headline “Pigeon Goes Crazy On Train”.

I got home, immediately stripped down to boxers, gorged on some salmon, poured a glass of bourbon, and then I see this. I feel better. Andre 3000’s spirit is uncaged, and despite what you want to think, The Beatles > everything. For this Nike commercial, he covers The Beatles “All Together Now”. Saw it at P4k.

I guess this is an appropriate time to ask….Lakers or Celtics? Oh, I know…a poll!

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