I still have no idea what to think about Kellee Maize. To be completely honest, I don’t get it. She’s a pretty blonde rapper from Pittsburgh. She has a tendency to go in over Baltimore club influenced beats. She has weird alter egos, speaks about spirituality and strange energies that only exist inside yoga classes and drum circles, and she has an army of cult like followers that swarm like vultures around a carcass whenever Kellee‘s name is mentioned.

Somehow, this strange firecracker has exploded with a ferocity that I don’t see often. The video above is done by Adam Buncher, the same guy who has been doing visuals for Wiz Khalifa. She’s been spotted with ?uestlove, Cappadonna, and the most recent news is a meeting with Lady Gaga (proof below) which has allegedly led to some talks between the two.

Even as I find out more about her, I come no closer to understanding. Consider this your heads up.