Green Label Sound is the label associated with that caffeinated yellow drink that makes your bladder melt. I’ve never been a fan of Mountain Dew. Sometimes I’ll chug one if I want to do something extreme, but since I drink coffee and energy drinks like a hog, it doesn’t do much for me. Green Label Sound confused me when I first heard about it, but they’ve delivered time after time. First it was Theophilus London’s “Humdrum Town”, then they hit us with Neon Indian’s “Sleep Paralysist”. I didn’t even like Neon Indian before that song. Good work Green Label Sound, maybe you should ditch the drink biz and just do this music shit.

Their latest project is a bold move. I don’t even know or care about the whole story, but basically Wavves (Nathan Williams) has had a tough last year. From what I’ve heard he bugged out a lot, acted like a bitch a lot, and got a lot of boos. I won’t judge, because I don’t even bother to read about it. I liked “I’m So Bored” and then every other song I heard from the dude sounded like garbage to me. I’m convinced most of his popularity depended on those two v’s he uses to spell his kewwl surfname.

Can Green Label Sound rescue Wavves from falling into obscurity? This certainly doesn’t hurt. Recorded at Sweet Tea studio in Mississippi and guided by studio owner Dennis Herring, this recording captures Wavves’ fuzzy, druggy, surfer slacker garage pop sound and still manages to be accessible and interesting after one listen. I don’t think it will make me a Wavves fan, but it’s definitely a cool track. I’m gonna go chug a Mountain Dew and try to sky dive off my 4th floor balcony now.