Ritchcraft you crazy. Kanye’s production is top notch. It’s hard to pull off a remix when you’re already dealing with production of that caliber. To do it, you really need change the whole feeling of the song. Otherwise, it’s like trying to repaint A fucking Starry Night with slightly different colors. It’s pointless and if you do something of this nature you are not very smart and I don’t really want to know you. (Note: This was exaggerated. I am not comparing Kanye to Van Gogh, although Ye would probably love that, wouldn’t he?)

Ritchcraft has flipped this song upside down, shaken it loose of its lunch money, and stuffed its pockets full of sparklers and Pop Rocks. The original was menacing and cold. This remix is playful and funky. Check it/download it below.

Stream it here:

Download it here (Usershare)
Kanye West ft. Lil Wayne – “Barry Bonds” (Ritchcraft Remix)

Or Here (Limelinx)
Kanye West ft. Lil Wayne – “Barry Bonds” (Ritchcraft Remix)