Spotted @ DeShay’s spot. DeShay decided to put his twist on the Grizzly Bear’s song titled “Two Weeks”.

This song is special to me for TWO reasons..

count em..
TWO! reasons…
First being, it was my friend Jesska’s idea to rap on this track. She figured itd be a good fit for me and DAMNIT, she was SO fxckin righ. She knows me all too well… O.o and she movin to the chi by time i go back to school so bring out the finest champagne lol
Second being, its a true story. me callin it quits in a relationship. i decided to take the Two Weeks title in a diff direction.. i think. i couldnt tell wha the original was bout.
without further adeiu.
may i present:

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”brandUn DeShay – Im Puttin My Two Weeks In” dl=”″]