I noticed a few hours ago that CH had a zshare link in his AIM away message. I then clicked the link and saw that it was a new mixtape from him; out of the blue. The title is similar to a tape he released last year with a nice story line that revolved around Rihanna called *Well Isn’t This Awkward*. This one is simply called *Well This Isn’t Awkward*, just flipped two words around. The zshare link was downloading SLOW AS F*CK so I gave up & decided to wait until someone went thru the download and uploaded it onto another host. Shouts to 2dbz for that. Download link & track listing below.

You can also read up a little more about the project over at Sega Hamilton where the tape was originally posted.

Charles Hamilton – *Well This Isn’t Awkward* (Full Tape) | Mediafire

Track Listing

1. Dr. Intricacy Presents: Cinematic Hallucinations
2. The Bachelor Finale
3. Gameday
4. Humble Beginnings
5. Media Take Out
6. The Last Slice
7. Peter Pad’s Commercial Break
8. Good Guy Goes Off
9. Repremanded
10. Conner Harrington’s Final Thought

3 Alternate Endings

11. In Case I Get Them Both
12. In Case I Only Get One
13. In Case I End Up Alone

UPDATE: Chuck released 5 other projects at Sega Hamilton shortly after releasing this one. Basically, before his ‘downfall’ he was planning on continuing the Hamiltonization process and these were the projects slated to drop during that process. For obvious reason, they never got released…until now.You can read up a little on all of these projects here.

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