I’m a big fan of words and sounds, but these pictures pretty much speak for themselves. (Just like in real life, click to enlarge. You may have to click twice.)

1. Lady Gaga isn’t oblivious to the rumors that have swirled about her being a man. Of course, those rumors are false, and we’ve (regretfully) seen the pictures to prove it, but Gaga isn’t afraid to face the rumors head on and even play into it a little. In her latest shoot for Vogue Hommes Japan, Gaga appeared as her male alter-ego Jo Calderon. That takes balls. Saw it at Global Grind.

2. Drake got a fucking plane all Draked out as part of some kind of celebration for the first flight between Toronto and California. He looks pretty stoked about it too. I guess it’s hard to play it cool when your face is on a fucking plane. And the pigeons take another loss.

And if you’re curious, hit the jump for the bonus picture. It’s the artwork for Kanye’s “Power”.