Shout out to Dan for being bored & googling (is that a word?) Pigeons & Planes and then stumbling upon this write up! I have no clue who wrote this but it was written on April 10th. Definitely made my smile so check it below! Shout out to FamousWhy !!! is a website with a much different look than other music blogs out there. It’s dark and has a “steady” feeling to it. When you enter it you’ll most likely be captured by its simplistic but creative design. It’s pleasing to the eye and invites you to browse it further.

The creator of is a spirited and artistic soul and he puts an emphasis on what music “will be”, not what it “is”. With that in mind he features here some of the newest tracks and some of the newest artists in the music industry. Many times you might here a song on Pigeons and Planes before you hear it on the radio or on TV.

As a visitor you will be pleasantly impressed by the organizational structure of the website. It’s quite easy to search it, as the designer kept a clean theme and great color-scheme all throughout the website. There are six simple sections that can be visited: Home, About, Contact, Contests, Disclaimer and Download Instructions.

The About section presents the people behind the website. I say people as I refer to the two man keeping the website updated (one of which is the creator itself) and the minds behind the graphics – “Made By Guerrilla”. The Contact, Contests and Disclaimer are intutively discovered. Last but not least, teh Dowbload section gives visitors download instructions if they want to download a scertain song from the website.

There is also a series of posts created by the voice behind the website, regarding his thoughts on music, do’s and dont’s for posting music on blogs and other such general comments that he though usefull and decided to publish.

The blogroll is also worthy of attention as it features numerous other blogs whose contents revolve around similar topics as those on Pigeons and Planes: 2DopeBoyz, Above & Beyond, Ahh Sweet Dude, Et Musique Pour Tous, Sparty Tune, The C.S. Perspective, The Music Ninja, We Listen For You and many, may more.

Concluding, Pigeons and Planes ( is a great website, fresh, clean, up-to-date with the newest songs and singers on the music scene. It is all around entertaining, informative and relaxing to visit.