It’s always kind of scary when an artist from a (somewhat) well known band starts doing his or her own thing. The first steps can be like watching a kid move out of the family house for the first time – it usually starts with a couple of bad choices stemming from the excitement of a new found freedom and it quickly spirals into a wretched life plagued by drug habits and eating disorders. Juston Stens is looking a little frail, but he seems to be moving in a good direction. This one reminds me a little of The Beatles’ “Don’t Let Me Down“. Beatles comparison? Enough said, yeah?

After 6 years and 5 albums with Dr. Dog the time to part had come, in his own words: “I come from punk rock. I work with my hands. Some people are taught to play an instrument well and they can be happy helping others fulfill their musical visions. I was not and I could not because I was writing songs and leading bands long before Dr.Dog was even an idea, and after a long break I now return to my guitar, my piano, my pencil and paper.”

Park The Van are also giving away the full EP on their website for a limited time – boom:

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Juston Stens and the Get Real Gang – Lonely Lonely Night” dl=””]