I wasn’t gonna bite. I hate these stupid beefs between rappers that go on forever with both sides remaining silent when asked about it, claiming there are no problems and there is no shit talking going on, then writing blatant diss songs:

“Fuck that guy, last name Ross, first name rhymes with Dick but starts with the letter before S instead of the D, and also he’s fat and has a beard…. Oh, what? No, I don’t know what you mean. Why would I diss Rick Ross? You must have misinterpreted.”

Ugh. I don’t see the point. When 2Pac and Biggie talked shit, at least they took responsibility for it, and look how it worked out for… oh, right. I guess rap beefs are complicated these days. Is it way of getting attention? Very possible. They are on the same label, after all. Do they really dislike each other but want to avoid unnecessary escalation? Also possible. Jeezy’s built his reputation on being “real”. We all know Ross has a few issues with reality, but he’s still more popular. I’m tempted to not care, but it’s just too fucking entertaining. I’m gonna see where this one goes.  If you want a little more background, check The Vulture.

Many think that Jeezy’s “Death Before Dishonor” (over Ross’ “B.M.F.” beat, off his 1000 Grams mixtape) is a Ross diss. Ross called it “Blowin Money Fast” but it’s pretty clearly a reference to Black Mafia Family, a drug trafficking organization run by now imprisoned Big Meech, who Ross name drops in the first line. Jeezy was actually associated with and promoted by BMF and Big Meech, so in this track he seems to be calling out Ross for claiming to be a part of something that he wasn’t a part of.

Here’s Rick Ross’ “The Summer’s Mine”, thought to be Ross’ response to Jeezy’s diss, although there’s still some confusion about that Cleveland line. Ross’ main points have to do with indirectly speaking about murder and very directly speaking about having a lot of money. If this was a diss song directed at Jeezy, he might be saying that Jeezy’s just jealous.

We’ll see where this goes. What do you guys think? Is this real beef or a scheme for attention? Do you care at all? If you do care, whose side are you on? Is it about the music or about who is the realest?