Don’t lie, you know you love it when you’re up on some shit before other people. There’s something extremely rewarding about finding some new music that you know other people won’t be listening to until the future, at which point you can say something like “Oh, yeah, these guys are cool as fuck. You just heard them now?” And with that, you get #coolpoints. These are the only things that really matter in life so don’t mind people who call you a “music snob” or worry about the friends you lose for “talking down” to them. Chin up – you’re cooler than them.

I’m just kidding. There are things more important than cool points (money, ho’s, clothes). But let’s get to the point. SomeWhere Else is fucking badass. I posted their last joint “Taboo?” here, and after hearing this one I’m convinced that they make music with Pigeons and Planes specifically in mind. Guitar work, live instruments, and three emcees that can be proud to be in a group that, despite being hip-hop, can call themselves a band, and one that can rock harder than most bands out there. If these guys don’t gain a big following before the year is over, something is wrong.

Here’s the deal on their mixtape. It was released today (8/9) on their site. You can experience the album on where it will be exclusively streaming in its entirety.¬†Fans will also be able to download each track from the album for free every Monday in album order at

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”SomeWhere Else – Make It” dl=””]