It’s always interesting to see how companies use music to further establish their brand. It makes perfect sense. Music is entertainment, but it’s much more than that. You can learn a lot about a person just by scrolling through their iTunes, and most people (to some degree) use music, much like fashion, to affirm their own identity and let others know what they’re about.

Sure, we’ll all claim that we just listen to what we like, but think about it. Ever turned on a mushy, acoustic love song to show a girl you’ve got a sensitive side? Restarted a song in your car just so you can pull up and park while the best part is playing for everyone to hear through your open windows? Listened to an album that you didn’t really “get” because all the cool kids openly confessed their love for it? Do you own a shirt with your favorite band’s name stamped across the front?

Just as it does for the individual, music can boost the image of any company or organization, and more and more companies are realizing this. Whether it’s using the right song in a commercial (Andre 3000 x Nike), teaming up with an artist for a promotional campaign (B.o.B x Adidas), or going all out and starting a label (Mountain Dew’s Green Label Sound), companies seem to be getting more actively and creatively involved in the music world as a way to become more identifiable. The latest example is Whole Foods Market:

Whole Foods Market, in a music initiative partnership with music and branding company Inspire that celebrates one new release each month that is of exceptional artistic quality and critical significance, has chosen The Weepies’ ‘Be My Thrill’ as their recommended September release. Beginning September 4, Whole Foods Market ( will stream The Weepies’ anticipated new album, ‘Be My Thrill,’ making The Weepies the first band ever to have their full album streamed on Whole Story, the official Whole Foods Market blog. On September 7, ‘Be My Thrill’ (out 8/31; Nettwerk Records) will be prominently featured in its own personal display at checkout counters for two months.