I wasn’t gonna post this but…


Another new Kanye track, off his still untitled album. Keep in mind, it’s unfinished. And I feel for him on spending so much time on his music and then having unfinished tracks leak, but it’s already out there. What’s that saying – if you can’t be a part of the solution you should be part of the problem, right? I actually feel kind of bad for posting this.

So um, Happy GOOD Friday, kinda?

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Update: So I’ve already gotten some shit for posting this from random people who aren’t happy about the situation. Should I take this down? In all honesty, I put some thought into it. I am not going to post every Kanye song that leaks, just as I didn’t post every Drake song that leaked or every Sufjan song that leaked. I will never post full album leaks and I try not to take things too far. I try to encourage readers to check out a few songs and support the artists that they like. I don’t think anyone is going to avoid buying the Kanye album based on this unfinished song. Let me know what you think.

Double Update: I decided to take it down. Mostly just because it’s Kanye’s music, and he’s clearly not happy about this being out. I still have some issues with the whole situation, but it’s not worth it. Some people don’t seem to understand that 95% of the leaks come from a very few, elite, and connected group of bloggers, who sometimes abuse their power, especially in hip-hop. If I had people sending me huge “approved” leaks that drew in traffic, I wouldn’t post this shit either, but I don’t. When a Kanye song “leaks” and he’s not mad about it, it’s coming from a very limited source.

One of the things that is different and that I love about the blogosphere is that everyone can have a voice. It isn’t controlled the same way a lot of other mainstream media is. When politics start taking place, and traffic starts depending on connections and who is getting special treatment, that whole atmosphere starts to change. Instead of having a thousand great sources, you’re going to end up with a few really popular ones who get everything first. I guess I saw this as an opportunity to level the playing field a bit. That was probably a selfish motivation. Maybe I was wrong on that.

I’m still torn, and I don’t know what the right answer is, but the bottom line is that Kanye spoke out and I guess I should probably respect that, especially since he has been more than generous with his music lately. Anyways, apologies if you think I made the wrong decision.