No explanation needed. Swag, Swag, Swag, Swag, Whoop, Whoop, Whoop, Whoop. Hilton, Hilton, Bitch I’m Paris Hilton. Hilton, Hilton, Bitch I’m Paris Hilton. Ha! #BasedGod2010. Huh? Rawr. Rare. I think I’m Paris Hilton. Lil B, you’re fucking crazy.

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Update: Alright, while we’re here, I might as well go on a rant about Lil B, because I know a lot of people come and check this shit out and think this is fucking ridiculous and judge me based on the fact that I support Lil B. But I think it’s a lot more complex than it looks, and I think Lil B gets it. If you try to judge Lil B #based on his skills as an emcee, compared to other traditional emcees, you’ll find many shortcomings – lyrics, flow, variation, timing, etc. But Lil B has broken shit down into a very simple formula. If nothing else, Lil B deserves some respect for his guerrilla marketing tactics. He goes harder that any musician I know as far as social networking, creating content, and selling himself as a unique product. But it’s more than that – Lil B breaks the rules.

At this point, what the fuck can you do to break rules in rap? Shit, Biggie rapped, literally, about robbing a pregnant woman. And that was back in the 90’s. Needless to say, selling drugs, murdering, and whatever else you can think of is fair game. Motherfuckers don’t even blink an eye when a mainstream, millionaire rapper starts carelessly going off about killing another person. In a genre like this, it’s hard to break the rules. Lil B comes along with freestyles like “I’m A Fag, I’m A Lesbian” and obviously this “I’m Paris Hilton” gem, above. You might think he’s just being stupid, but he knows that treading on this territory is one of the only ways left to break the rules in hip-hop. His description reads:



Lil B is the beginning of punk rock for hip hop. I really believe that. The people that like “true” hip-hop are going to be the same people that hate on acts like Lil B, but this is okay. It’s just a starting point. Look at Rock and Roll. It came from the blues, it sped up, it incorporated elements from jazz, it took on multiple faces and it sectioned off into a few main categories. Then punk came, and since then rock hasn’t been the same.

Early punk bands sucked at guitar. They couldn’t sing. Their lyrics were fucking stupid. Their music was SIMPLE as hell. It was not breaking any crazy musical boundaries, it was broken down into 3 or 4 guitar chords than any middle schooler could play. It was played sloppily and carelessly, and that’s what made it punk. But look what happened. Look what punk bands progressed into. Look what post-punk turned into, and how many musicians today are influenced by that. If things just continued down a path of guitar prodigies and blues influenced rock n roll, things would be pretty fucking boring.

I think any art form needs this kind of wake up call from time to time. It’s like a new framework to build on. Andy Warhol was punk art. A can of Campbell’s Soup? The art was not in the fucking picture of the soup. If you think that the can of Campbell’s Soup is genius because of the image itself, then you are a fucking asshole. I don’t get why it’s so hard to see that the art in a Lil B song is not in the lyrics, or the beat, or the flow. Do you know how many people looked, and still look, at Andy Warhol’s work and said “This is fucking retarded”? But how many other people were influenced by it’s simplicity and built on it?

So yeah, I know that “I’m Paris Hilton” is fucking ridiculous, but for songs like this, I credit Lil B for being the punk rock of hip-hop. He’s going where no other rapper has gone, and doing it with a blatant disregard for the genre’s norms. We’ll see where it goes.