I almost wrote No Age off a while ago. I fuck with all kinds of weird genres that start with the word “noise”, but nothing about No Age held my attention. A lot of it felt more like background noise, and I already have a lot of that bouncing around my skull at all times. I also thought a lot of their success was due to the fact that they are cool dudes, and even their name “No Age” implies some kind of post-post-punk that is somehow, no matter what, cooler than you.

Well, I like this one and I’m going to grab their new album and give them another shot. Might be that weird screaming going on. Actually, yeah, I’m sure that’s it. Love that. Do that more, No Age.



No Age – Fever Dreaming | Mediafire

You can stream No Age’s new album Everything In Between HERE. Credit to A Heart Is A Spade.