When Rich Hil first started showing up on the music scene, I gave him a quick listen and quickly moved on, dismissing his music as something I wasn’t feeling. I guess part of it was the fact that he is Tommy Hilfiger’s son. Unfair, I know, but I couldn’t help but think that he only got the chance to be heard because of connections. This is not a good way to judge people, music, or anything really. If you don’t want to give something a shot, then don’t, but don’t pretend to have an opinion on it. My bad.

My first impression of Rich Hil was that he was something like Mike Posner if Mike Posner tried to do a Kid Cudi impersonation. He’s got that slightly melodic, slightly monotone style that blurs the line between hip-hop and, well, not hip-hop. A.Hughes sent over this Florence & The Machine sampling song “Purple Roads n Shit”, and it was the first time I heard this side of Rich Hil, which I’ve learned is a pretty big part of him. His music can get extremely dark, filled with drug-fueled imagery and a weightlessness that makes it feel like floating on a cloud of smoke.

Rich Hil is in rehab right now, hence the title of his latest mixtape Ricky Goes To Rehab. You can download that after the jump. Below are two songs from Rich that I’m really liking at the moment. “Medication” also has a teaser video if you want some visuals.

DOWNLOAD: Rich Hill – Purple Roads n Shit | Mediafire

DOWNLOAD: Rich Hill – Medication | Mediafire

Rich Hil – Ricky Goes To Rehab | Alternative