Them:Youth‘s new single “Toothache” sounds like a more danceable version of something Muse would do. How can a band that describes themselves as “indie dance” also sound epic? Check it out.

“Toothache” is a euphoric dance rock anthem that manages to infuse Mark Buckle’s searing vocals, Ilan Hartogh’s blissed out guitar & ethereal keys/synth, Allan McBride’s driving basslines, Paul Buckle’s galloping drums and an on-board laptop to create swirling landscapes with an atmospheric build-up waiting to be blasted into the ether with a pulsating anthemic chorus.

Hit the jump for upcoming UK tourdates…
Sept 30th Buffalo Bar London
Oct 13th Dublin Castle London
Oct 31st Whistle Binkies Edinburgh
Nov 1st Tunnels Aberdeen
Nov 2nd Nice N Sleazy Glasgow
Nov 4th Night & Day Manchester
Nov 5th Bowery Sheffield
Nov 6th Flapper Birmingham
Nov 11th Haymakers Cambridge
Nov 13th This Feeling London
Nov 19th KOKO Club NME London