@JennsDrunk recommended this to me. I had to put that out there because if I didn’t she’d call me a swaggerjacker. Some people get tired of mash ups, but what their little bird brains fail to realize is that you can never have too many mash-ups. Same with Orangina – no such thing as “too much Orangina”. Simpletons.

This collection is well done, and you can download it for free. But you shouldn’t, because if you dish out some cash for it, the money goes to a youth writing charity so little kids can grow up to be healthy powerbloggers. #competition #dontdonate

The follow up to The Notorious xx, This Is Real Life seamlessly blends familiar hip hop artists with an array of indie rock tracks to create a mixtape that pushes traditional notions of genre and delivers a mix that showcases rarely heard aspects of each side.

this is real life — available as a ‘pay-what-you-want,’ with all profits going to 826 Valencia to benefit youth writing: waitwhat.bandcamp.com