“Viva La Bam auditions are #thataway” –¬†shenitaapplebum

Last night was the BET Hip-Hop awards – if you missed it you can check out the videos here. Just like we did with the 2010 MTV VMA‘s, we’re gonna go through the 2010 BET Hip-Hop Awards in pictures. This time, I turned to Twitter to get some comments from the people unfortunate enough to follow @PigsAndPlanes. Hit the jump to see the BET Hip-Hop Awards in pictures and if you come up with any clever captions, feel free to leave them in the comments section…

By standing next to his buddy, Birdman proves it’s not impossible to make DJ Khaled look like a somewhat normal, intelligent human being.

“Stars and Stripes forever” –¬†@creamteam

“Dumb and Dumber” –¬†@RobABishop

“What’s a Sprite? Who dis bitch next to me? Uh, lemme grab my chain. Haha, ya..”

Yup, they brought out Antoine Dodson and the autotune guy responsible for creating “The Bed Intruder Song“. The shit got over 40 million views on YouTube. Waka Flocka was gonna get on the remix, but he didn’t understand the concept.

B.o.B. came out with the sickest fuckin’ chain around his neck. So massive he had to throw it around his back so he could sing. Very nice accessory.

“THANKS DAD!” – @MissRandaLeigh

“Revenge of the black Biebers” – @jotafrisco

Nelly stepped on the scene and immediately realized that it was not 2001. Most people thought he was one of Rev Run’s sons.

Yeah, Nelly fell off. It doesn’t mean that he can’t get hot girls. Just means that now he can only get hot girls with herpes.

When Flo Rida was denied at the entrance – ‘Let me in guys, I’m with Gucci.’ Unfortunately, it worked.

“This photo was posted in the security office. “Do not let this guy in.. The female is fine.. Shit even the N jacket guy” – @Rajan_Gill

“Flo Rida and 50Tyson share a photo at the #BEThiphopawards” – @ShenitaAppleBum

Many girls presented themselves to young Soulja Boy, who laughed as he flaunted his newly grown armpit hair.

And the award for biggest douchebag in the game goes to…

“XXXL. XXL. Smedium” – @Bleakey

While Weezy is in jail, Birdman takes Lil Wayne’s daughters under his wing. Free Weezy.

Am I the only person that thinks Birdman’s kid looks like Wayne and Wayne’s kid looks like Birdman? – @richbenjamin

“Ho’s on my dick ’cause I look like Spike Lee”

“Did I just shart? Fuck, I think I did…” – @tk8SIX3

At this point in his career, I can’t even make fun of Gorilla Zoe. Props to him for sneaking in.

J.Cole hit the stage hard and ended his performance with an acapella. Lots of blank stares ensued.

Then these dudes came on and did a dance. The crowd went wild.

Shock G came out to pay some respect to 2Pac. And by “pay some respect to 2Pac” I mean “make a complete ass out of himself”.

Without Lil Wayne, Young Money did what they’ve been doing for that past year and stood around with little direction, flashing generic hand gestures.

Anyone who stands within 2 feet of Waka Flocka automatically turns retarded.

As we speak, Waka is still in Wal-Mart trying to get these pictures developed.