To be completely honest, this CyHi Da Prynce wasn’t even on my radar until Kanye’s “So Appalled” dropped. Then he popped up again at the GOOD Music cypher during the BET Awards. Shit, up until right now, I’m pretty sure I’ve been spelling his name wrong. *Checks*. Yep, I absolutely have. What the fuck is a CyHi Da Prynce? Guess I should do some research.

A-Trak production is always sick but this whole “I wear sunglasses” and “I can’t see” and “Ray Charles/Stevie Wonder” referencing is getting so tired. I wear sunglasses too, fuckers. My eyes are super sensitive to light, and I don’t like making eye contact. It’s like a two birds, one stone scenario. At least let’s try to think of another blind person to reference. If you’re interested in CyHi Da Prynce’s mixtape, download it here.