Pigeons and Planes, right? To counter the “Like A G6” Remix featuring 50 Cent, we’re going to the opposite end of the spectrum. If there was a music spectrum, ranked only on overall feel, I think “Like A G6” and Antony and the Johnsons‘ “The Spirit Was Gone” would be about as far as you could possibly get. Pigeons and Planes – you get it yet? It’s so Complex. See what I’m doing there? Maybe not, but come November 8th you will. Antony’s work requires an open mind, so if you’re one of those people quick to be like “This shit is gay” you should probably pass on this one.

Following the success of last year’s The Crying Light, the Mercury Prize winning Antony and the Johnsons release their 4th album Swanlights on Secretly Canadian to heaps of critical praise. Swanlights may be Antony’s most wide-rangingly emotional work to date. It is a record that is at moments heartbreakingly tender, and at other times has a joyful gleam to its teeth

DOWNLOAD: Antony and the Johnsons – The Spirit Was Gone