Here’s the Kid Cudi/Cee-Lo collabo from Cudder’s upcoming Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr.Rager, out November 9th. I’ve heard a lot of things, both positive and negative swirling around. It seems like Cudi’s got a strong fan base that supports him no matter what, but there also seems to be a group that is still waiting around for another A Kid Named Cudi.

Recently, Cudi has made some statements alluding to the fact that he’s getting tired of rapping. He even appeared on Letterman last night (or the night before, I can’t keep track of time) with a guitar in hand for his performance of “Erase Me”. It seems like, for now, Cudi is completely uninterested in revisiting the styles that first brought attention to him.

Personally, I like most of what Cudi has released. A Kid Named Cudi is an instant classic, but I still listen to plenty of tracks fromĀ Man On The Moon. I think people should try to realize that Cudi is a young artist that has faced struggles with fame, popularity, drugs, and his fair share of personal issues. Give him some time to experiment and develop. If nothing else, he deserves some credit for wanting to be creative instead of just manufacturing hits. That’s what an artist does, right? Right. Listen to “Scott Mescudi vs. The World” below.

Kid Cudi – Scott Mescudi vs The World (ft. Cee-Lo Green) by pigeonsandplanes

PS – Cudi’s response to how he feels about leaks is awesome:

PPS – Pre-order the album here: iTunes