Some music genre titles offer little evidence as to what you should expect – “house music” for example. What the fuck? I’m sure there’s a great reason for how this title came about, but it reminds me of “house dressing” (which is almost always some kind of vinaigrette). Anyways, before I start rambling about salad dressing, I was getting at the fact that “dream pop” is a great genre title. Even if you don’t know what dream pop is, you can take a guess, and unless you have violent dreams involving deer (like me, no idea why) you’ll probably be right.

Wow, this post is quickly on the way to worst post ever status. Uh, here’s San Fran dream pop duo Silver Swans’ new “Secrets”.  Silver Swans is songwriter Ann Yu of LoveLikeFire and DJ Producer Jon Waters. “Secrets” will appear on their Secrets EP, out in November. Saw it at Sunset in the Rearview.

DOWNLOAD: Silver Swans – Secrets | Mediafire