One of the things I’ve always disliked about mainstream media is that it’s so fucking predictable. Get in the car and turn on your radio and depending on the time and station, you can probably guess what songs are going to be playing. Same with television. Everything is scheduled and planned to death. One of the cool things about blogs is that there is no schedule and there is nothing dictating what goes up.

When music blogging started, it was just a bunch of people sharing what they liked. As it grows, you can see how it’s starting to get tied into mainstream media. Politics start coming into play, posts start to get bought, connections start being made and most of the major outlets start to look suspiciously similar. I think it’s a clear next step, and I like that blogs are being embraced by the industry and artists, but I hope that the music blog world keeps in tact what made it so cool in the first place.

Maybe it’s naive, but I always wished mainstream media would sometimes just drop everything and become completely spontaneous for a day. Anything goes. You know how many submissions radio DJ’s get and how many amateur videos TV stations receive? 99% of them end up in the garbage. How cool would it be if they grabbed  a handful and said “Ok, cancel that shitty reality show (just an example – I actually like reality TV)  rerun that we were planning and lets play these random submissions”.

In an act of randomness (er, drunkenness), I set out on Twitter (follow me) and said that I’d post the next song someone sent to me, no matter what it was, no questions asked. What I got from @hiimrichie is this Ellie Goulding cover of Elton John’s “Your Song”. Awesome. I might have to do this more often.

DOWNLOAD: Ellie Goulding – Your Song | Mediafire