Subtle, soft, Swedish folk-pop is a good Fall/Winter transition soundtrack, right? Yeah. My sweatshirt-to-sweater ratio is pretty high, (probably somewhere around 4:1 in favor of sweatshirts) but this is definitely for those sweater days. Shout out to Sverige.

Swedish folk pioneers Fredrik spent the summer folding Japanese paper figures in between recording sessions bearing the name of their new EP and complex craft. Those familiar with Fredrik will recognize the dream like groove of opener Dance of the Peacock Phantom, the wintry chimes, and soothing choirs heard on White on White, and the submersed cadence reverberating throughout the seven minute B side, ABC. The three songs provide insight into the band’s ever-evolving soundscapes as they ready their third full length album in their garden studio in Malmö, scheduled for release in March 2011. Three is also the magic number behind the group as ORIGAMI is the first release featuring instrumentalist and singer Anna Moberg as she joins original members Fredrik Hultin and O. Lindefelt.

DOWNLOAD: Fredrik – White On White | Mediafire