These days, it’s hard to make predictions about who is going to do well in the music industry. Sadly, but very truly, it is not all about talent. There are plenty of talented musicians who never make it further than their local venue, and plenty of artists that make the top 40 charts play but force anyone with a brain to scratch their head and think “What the fuck?”.

But right now, I think J. Cole is a pretty safe bet when you’re talking about who is going to be big in the future. Thankfully, he’s also an intelligent and talented emcee. He’s got the kind of style and appeal that leads his name to be brought up in conversations about newcomers like Wiz, Drake, Wale, and Big Sean, but he’s also got something else that these rappers don’t have – he’s got a classic, true hip-hop head appeal that often draws comparisons to Nas. He’s said that he’s not comfortable with embracing this comparison yet, but the fact that people are throwing it out there says something.

Here is J.Cole’s latest mixtape, Friday Night Lights. If you want to check out some songs first try “In The Morning” ft. Drake or “You Got It” ft. Wale. Download the whole thing below.¬†What do you think? Does J.Cole have a long career in front of him? Could he turn out to be one of the greats? Do you think he’ll be a disappointment? I’m excited to get into this one.

UPDATED. This mixtape really blew up the internet. I uploaded it so that first link should work well.

DOWNLOAD: J.Cole – Friday Night Lights (Mixtape) | Alternate Link | And One More

Ramzy: If you follow Cole and/or this blog you should’ve heard about half of this tape already. But it’s still dope shit! I uploaded it to usershare for ya’ll. Just in case all the other links die out, I’m pretty sure this one won’t. Cole World!

Friday Night Lights (usershare)

Hit the jump for the back cover/tracklist…