Two new tracks from badass Swedish pop duo jj. “Let Them” takes the beat from Akon’s “I Wanna Make Love” but injects it with that distinct jj vibe, starting the song with the intimate, echoing, ghostly vocals softly singing “Fuck all you ho’s, get a grip” while a lighter flickers somewhere near the microphone. One word that I’ve never completely grasped is “dichotomy”, but I think that word somehow explains the great contradictory elements that make jj so special. “I’m The One” samples “Intro” from The xx.

music by jj

what can we say that you don’t already know?
well, I guess we will have to show

jj kills on its fucking way baby!
did you get that?
jj kills on its fucking way baby.
get that.

sy november 2010

DOWNLOAD: jj – Let Them

DOWNLOAD: jj – I’m The One/Money On My Mind

Or grab them both at the same time with this link.