If you haven’t heard John Forté’s story, you should check it out. Basic idea: he beasted onto the scene in the 90’s as a producer (co-produced The Fugees’ The Score) then in 2000 he got busted in Newark Airport for accepting over $1 million worth of liquid cocaine. Crazy right? But it gets crazier. He was sentenced to a mandatory minimum of 14 years, but right before Bush left office he pardoned Forte after he served only 4 years.

Then 2 days ago he put this on Soundcloud.

This ain’t a song for the club or the rink,
I won’t ask you to smoke or to drink,
My fan base dark black to pink,
And you don’t gotta have rhythm but you have to think

“Gone” featuring HD Fre, Talib Kweli, AZ and Sass Jordan by John Forte

Thanks to Justin for the heads up, who also sent in this video of John and Kanye West performing and acoustic version of “Homecoming” for a small audience on a roof in NYC. Hit the jump to watch it.

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