Well, this is a nice surprise to wake up to a Monday. Without warning, Pittsburgh DJ Girl Talk (aka Greg Gillis) made his newest album, All Day, available online as a free download this morning. If you aren’t familiar with Gillis’ work, he creates mashups by sampling hundreds of songs from every artist you’ve ever heard of (and some of you haven’t). Is it legally questionable? Yes. Is it highly entertaining? Absolutely.

The best part of having a new Girl Talk album? Trying to name all the samples that go into his mashups. Is that Birdman rapping over Arcade Fire? ODB’s classic “Shimmy Shimmy Ya” over the instrumental from Radiohead’s “Creep”? Yes, and so many more. You can head over to Wikipedia to view a list of all the songs that were used in the making of All Day.

Update: Check out a stream that breaks down every single sample as it the album streams. Really cool way to listen and learn: HERE.

DOWNLOAD: Girl Talk – All Day (Album) | Alternate Link

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