It’s official – P&P is part of the Complex Media Network. The only change that you’ll notice is that little toolbar at the bottom that shares links from across the network (I’m sure some asshole will find a reason to complain about this). None of the content is going to change or be controlled, and I promise to keep it as real and unprofessional as ever (drunken rants, weird Paint pics, and unnecessary vulgarity = the heart of P&P).

Being a part of the network should only help to foster growth and new opportunities for P&P. I’m happy to be on board – Complex is awesome and I’m in great company. I can’t say thank you enough to all the people who have helped out and participated along the way – contributors, readers, people who actually leave comments (love you guys for that), people who provide technical support (I need a lot of it), people who spread the word, other bloggers, labels, PR people, and of course the artists. Got some big plans for the future, stay tuned!