I’m a little late on these, but RZA has been up to some crazy shit lately. RZA is like a cartoon character, a ninja, a monk, and a rapper all mixed in one. If I was on some kind of survival mission that lasted years, he’d probably high on my list of people to bring, if I was only allowed to bring hip-hop personalities. If this survival mission only allowed for Wu-Tang members, he’d definitely be on top (Ghostface at #2, no?). Anyways, RZA is pulling a Kanye and releasing a track every week (cleverly titling the series “Wu Wednesdays”). You can follow the releases at WuWednesday.com. Check out a few below…

“2 Left Shoes” features R n B singer “Truth Hurts” and Rev. William Burk – its a demo we did this summer. I want to share with you Wu-Disciples before it gets into final form. The hook states ” loving you is like wearing two left shoes”. I choose it because I am a man who loves unconditionally yet that love sometimes is difficult to handle or live with or simply to wear.

Next up is “Gone (Dedicated to Sally Menke)”. Of course you don’t die. Nobody dies. Death doesn’t exist. You only reach a new level of vision, a new realm of consciousness, a new unknown world.” – Henry Miller

I’m a late night thinker a lot of my creativity in music has come at wee hours of the night. So this week song will be the unreleased unedited full version demo of my song “Insomnia” featuring Erica Bryant This is the original demo before the mix so the vocals are loud and the rap runs thru the second hook. But this shows the personality of insomnia. Peace!

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