These are two mixtapes that I’ve been hearing about a lot. They’ve been sitting on my desktop for a while, then they were both recommended in the Shoutbox, and despite the fact that I might come across as a music snob sometimes, I take recommendations from anyone and am open to posting anything. Hit me on Twitter, Facebook, email, whatever. Sometimes I fall behind and sometimes I miss things, but I listen to as much music as I can possibly listen to and I’ve gotten a lot of good recommendations from readers in the past. So here we go. I haven’t heard either of these yet, so I’m gonna check them out tonight. Check them out with me if you want, and feel free to start up a conversation in the comments section. I’ll be in there too.

First up is The Alpha State from The Insomniaks, a duo made up of Illecism and Nicatyne. It’s an 8 song EP with all production handled by Nicatyne.

The Insomniaks – The Alpha State

Favorite track after one listen:

DOWNLOAD: The Insomniaks – Goin’ Hard For Dummies

Next up is MellowHype (from the twisted, West Coast Odd Future crew) with BLACKENEDWHITE. Odd Future is made up of some young, fucked in the head, but very talented artists out of Cali. For a taste of their style check this post. This crew reminds me of the movie Kids. Raw, sometimes disturbing, but there’s something about them that seems to be magnetic.

MellowHype – BLVCKENEDWHITE (Credit to The Upturn for the link)

Favorite track after one listen:

DOWNLOAD: MellowHype – Loco