A lot of rappers have skill, but Theophilis London has style. And I’m not talking about his cool retro hats (but yeah, that too). No matter what this dude does, it all seems to fall in place – dusty beats, new wave sensibility, indie rock samples, Caribbean flavor – throw it all together, mix it up, and boom. I’m a big fan. I got to catch Theophilus live at a small venue during CMJ for the Green Label Music party and he was awesome – definitely not your typical rapper. He performs more like David Byrne from the Talking Heads than Big Sean or Wiz Khalifa. He showcased some of his new songs and it’s clear that he’s only getting better.

Hit the jump to see some video of Theo playing new songs at the Green Label Sound party…

DOWNLOAD: Theophilus London – Life of a Lover (Remix) ft. Jessie Boykins III & Blu | Mediafire

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Here’s “Groove Me (Alex Metric Remix)” and “Why Even Try”