Here is something that, 2 years ago, my brain wouldn’t have been capable of comprehending. It’s Kid Cudi on Fallon’s show (yes, that still exists) performing “Maniac” with the help of Cage, St. Vincent, and The Roots. As far as execution, I’m still not sure. If you haven’t noticed, Cudi’s been carrying that guitar around a lot and there are talks of him starting a rock band and leaving this rap shit in the dust. I guess we all need to get a Rebirth out of our systems (think I might quit this music blogging shit and just focus on viral vids instead).

Like I’ve said in the past, I know he might be disappointing some of his original fans by going in new directions, but I think he’s deserved some room for experimentation. Personally, I’m a fan of Cudder and I think his career in music is going to be interesting to follow. I think there will be some highs and lows depending on what you’re into and what you’re expecting, but I think people like Cudi who are creative and constantly trying to do something different are good for hip-hop.

In other news Kid Cudi’s Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager will hit the streets November 9th.  Fans can pre-order the album, get the deluxe or vinyl, buy t-shirts, posters, skate decks and a few other things at his online store. Tell them Confusion sent you.

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