I get a lot of these emails about magazine covers but usually I just glance over them and move on. I’ve never done a post about a magazine cover before, but I can’t resist this. Next month’s issue of The Fader will have Lykke Li on one cover and Lil’ B on the other. Finally, someone gets me! The love of my life and The Based God! It brings a smile to my face and a warmth to my heart. I want to invite them both over for wine and Scrabble.

Hitting digital and physical newsstands on or before December 14th is our annual NOW Issue, featuring exclusive cover stories and features on our picks to set the pace for next year. Globetrotting pop phenomenon Lykke Li will release her second album next March, so we went to Stockholm while she put the finishing touches on it and got the straight story on its inspirations and heartbreaks. Lil B and Young L, along with California brethren Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, are rearranging rap on their own, sometimes perplexing terms, but we were able to wrangle everyone for a few minutes to set the record crooked on why the West Coast is ready for a revolution again. We also jumped on the bus with The XX for a story on its near silent member, Jamie XX, to determine what he’s doing to change bedroom music for the club, or vice versa. And as always, we packed the remaining pages with the best and brightest for your future wishes and have plenty of exclusive video and web jams to go along with it all.