Clearly, I have a blogging problem. I’m working on a 60 page report right now but my brain keeps bouncing back to P&P. Here’s a new EP from Ace Reporter that was recommended to me by Audio Muffin. I listened to the first track last night and it sounded like good stuff. So here, check it out. Now back to researching the Mexican and Russian economy.

One new song everyday for a year.

This is the ambitious project that Ace Reporter took on in 2010: writing and recording an original track every 24 hours. The songs are as varied thematically as they are stylistically, spanning the spectrum from raw acoustic whispers to rambunctious rootsy rock to eclectic electro-sizzles and everywhere in between – all while maintaining a soulful and stirring sonic presence. “This project is all about my personal relationship to music,” says Ace. “My goal was to focus on creativity at the expense of polish. Last-minute panic has never felt so good.”

As the year begins to wind down, Ace Reporter is releasing the first of four free themed EP’s that showcase various handpicked tracks from the threesixfive project. The Untouched and ArrivedEP is a five song offering which highlights Ace’s repertoire for all thing rock. “These are by far the most fun songs to write,” explains Ace. “Rock at its best is always about the things that are uncontainable. It’s dirty politics, it’s sex, it’s pure elation. And it’s a real challenge to try to channel that kind of energy when I’m sitting by myself in a room.” Guitars and drums collide with layered harmonies in “Caught In The Middle”, a track that finds Ace channeling his inner Blonde Redhead, while a storm of sampled acoustic guitars and politically charged lyrics unite for the visceral “The World is on Fire”.  The tempo slows down for title track “Untouched and Arrived”, where handclaps and buoyant guitar work fuse with lyrics dripping from the intoxication of wanderlust and wonderment. “I wrote ‘Untouched’ right after returning from a trip to a post-earthquake Chile, and I got home to Brooklyn and had this sense of how lucky and surreal my life here is. That’s what the song is for me – this joyful celebration of being home.” Download the Untouched and Arrived EP for free today to hear these tracks and more – it’s time to begin your auditory adventure with Ace Reporter.

Download the Untouched and Arrived EP here: