Most of us have daily habits. Some aren’t very productive. For instance, I like to submerge my head in warm water, using a flexible straw to breathe, and play simple drum beats with my fingers on the bottom of the bathtub for at least 20 minutes a day. Um. Part of Ace Reporter‘s daily routine is making a song, and he’s done it for 340 straight days, as part of his threesixfive project. For his latest tracks, he’s tackled some of his favorite songs of the year. The “We Used To Wait” cover is my favorite. Check out a few below (click the downward pointing arrow to download), and the rest of his 340 songs here.

It’s the end of the year and Best of 2010 list-o-mania is everywhere. Instead of putting pen to paper to make his list, Ace Reporter decided to tip his hat to his favorite albums of the year the way he knows best, by crafting sonic homages in the form of cover songs. Ace selected his favorite songs from his favorite albums, re-interpreting and re-imagining them with a style of his own – the end results would surely make Win Butler and Matt Berninger tip their hats back. In addition to a song from Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs and The National’s High Violet, Ace took on tracks from Beach House’s Teen Dream, Yeasayer’s Odd Blood and Local Native’s Gorilla Manor.

Ace Reporter – We Used To Wait (Arcade Fire Cover)

Ace Reporter – Lemonworld (The National Cover)

Ace Reporter – ONE (Yeasayer Cover)

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