Here’s Mark with the third Euro Session. If you missed the first two, check them out HERE.

A little later than planned thanks to a combo of too much work, some premature christmas partying and a bout of flu here is the latest Euro Session!

Tinchy Stryder feat. Giggs, Professor Green, Tinie Tempah, Devlin, Example & Chipmunk – Game Over

Lethal Bizzle feat JME, Wiley, 2Face, Ghetto, P-Money, Chipmunk & Kano – Pow 2011

So I thought I’d put the these two tracks up as a kind of showcase of UK urban scene at the moment. Not much to say about these two really but the first track was premiered live at the MOBOs a while back (video above, with a couple of artists MIA) and also featured on the new Tinchy Stryder album which is likely to be getting a big push stateside soon enough thanks to his company’s hook up with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation. The second track is a remake of a classic UK grime track titled, yep you guessed it, “Pow” and seems to be like the Grime scene’s answer to ‘Game Over’. Chipmunk managed to make on to both of these tracks which should surely see him secure the UK rapper’s rapper award for 2010! Continue reading for 4 more tracks…

Maverick Sabre – Inside

Already popping up on a number of the one’s to watch lists for next year, Maverick Sabre is a unique talent, if only for the fact that he’s possibly the only person in the UK Urban scene not to feature on either of the two tracks at the top of this post! Anyway don’t let that put off, taken from the mixtape ‘The Travelling Man’ which can be downloaded from for the princely sum of an email address and post code! The London born, Irish raised singer songwriter Maverick Sabre combines his soulful voice and skillful guitar playing alongside you’re more typical urban sound and after years spent building up a fan base has steadily been picking up more mainstream coverage over the past couple of months, 2011 looks like it could be a big year for him.

The Good Natured – Be My Animal

‘Be My Animal’ is the new single from The Good Natured is 19 year old Sarah McIntosh who hails from Berkshire. Whilst probably not having done enough to separate herself from the wealth of female electro-pop artists yet pinion on her seems to be very much split and depending on who you ask The Good Natured’s music is either cheap and cheesy or quality pop music. As I’m posting this up on the site my opinion obviously leans towards the latter, the rest of you can decide between yourselves!

Niki & The Dove – DJ Ease My Mind

It’s common knowledge that Confusion has an insatiable appetite for Swedish female singers which has to be met in order for him to function properly, so next up, I present Niki & The Dove who hail from….yep you guessed it. I discovered this band (yeah it’s a band, unlike Florence’s machine, Nikki’s dove is very much real!) after hearing them do a live showcase on BBC R1 a few weeks back and have been listening to their stuff ever since. There’s not a massive amount of information on the mysterious Swede’s at the moment but if you’re like you’re pop music to sound like The Knife or Bjork then this is an artist you should be keeping tabs on.

Chad Valley – Up & Down

Hugo Manuel may be better known as one sixth of the band Jonquil, well better known to fans of the band Jonquil anyway, I’d never heard of them. To me he exists solely as a solo artists that makes summery disco pop tunes in the vein of Penguin Prison and is named after a toy brand now solely available through the Argos catalogue. (This is surely reason enough to check him out!)