I love when really poppy songs are remixed. Love it. As long as it’s done well, they often become some of my most played tracks.  I think it’s because, as much as I often hate to admit it, the blatant catchiness of most straight pop songs is just not possible in more sophisticated music, and talented producers are able to tap into that and make something new.

Friends of Friends, a label specializing in releases from experimental hip-hop producers, takes the beat scene to pop music on their free album, Pop Massacre. They released it yesterday and it’s got the internet going nutz. Schlomo, Daedalus and Mexicans With Guns are a few of the names that pop up, alongside Soulja Boy, Katy Perry, and Abba. The result is weird and fantastic. I’m including my two favorites from the album here but you can grab the whole project for the price of an email at the FoF Bandcamp. It’s worth it.

Download: Pretty Boy Swag (Soulja Boy) – Schlomo | Mediafire

Download: Teenage Dream (Katy Perry) – Big Spider’s Back | Mediafire